Saturday, June 11, 2011

missing someone ,,,

seriously , where the HELL are you ?dont you know i miss you so
fucking damn much ? kenapa ? why ? whats wrong ?
babe , i know that we just friends but please ,
can't you see me with your heart ?
i love you , but you never notice . :(
-anna hanim

GOAL ?!!

to those who watch the FA , idnt what the hell is that , hahaha
i mean KELANTAN vs TERENGGANU soccer la , tolong inform
dekat saya sapa menang , because i hate to watch soccer
membosankan , haha . i dont know to support either klntan or trngganu .
both is my KAMPUNG , so tak kesah sapa menang ,
but i think laa , its gonna be KLATE la , 
just wait for the result tmrw at the paper ,:))
-anna hanim

must we go to school ? (stupid question ) haha

esok i must go back to PERAK ,, uhhhh , i dont want to , actually i dont like to study at hostel especially at perak , dah la panas gila + jauh gila . i gonna be crazy , . homework tak siap punn , add maths , bm , bio . mann . kill me ! i lost my module , mr hafiz gonna kill me , i forget to bring my bio paper , cik farah gonna eat me alive ~ . otokajo ? ya allah , what am i seposed to do ??? nak mati dah ni , stress ,
                                                            -anna hanim

Friday, June 10, 2011

add maths

i dont hate add maths butttt it so shit , now i in libry , seposed doing add maths but i blogging , hahah .its so hard laa . tadi aliff din ajar tp anna tak faham la , please . i need a teacher who can teach me  . i can feel the    FAIL is coming
                                                                -anna hanim

maafkan saya

im so so so so sorry to all my friends (little,lulu,adila,miaa,rara) for being a jerk .
sepatutnya this holiday kita spent time together but anna tak dapat jumpa jugak .
i know its my fault , anna patut plan awal2 lagi tp anna tak buat .
rara  im thruly sorry that i cant make it ,
forgive me ,
-anna hanim

welcome home darlingg

hallo , this is my new blog , i delete  my old blog . once again , my name is norfakhrina hanim badruddin
but usually people call me anna , 190795 was my birth day , so im sixteen , i stay at sentul 
kuala lumpur malaysia , thats all , thank you ,:)
-anna hanim