Tuesday, December 20, 2011

they are the best

okayy . its 2 pm . what a lazy day , as usual anna will golek golek atas katil . hahah
suddenly i call emma , anna(emma jom pergi the mall) the mall hanya 2km shj dari my home
then mira call ckap jom hang out la . i was like okay what the hell mira
its 2pm laa kau mau pulang jam brapa ? then emma text , okay jom hang out
then okay la . hahah . so hell yeah i'm rushing . pakai je sakai2 . haha
so we drop at pavilion . i want to see the breaking dawn movie but damn its 8 pm .
but who cares ? hahah so beli tiket . then baru pukul 3pm , so what to do ?
we eat ! a lott of food . hahah i love food ! 

(emma) aunty anne . yucks ! wrong order haha . face you right
 end up like this

(mira) same problem , wrong order padan muka kau
same ! what a waste haha

(anna) the right order NASI LEMAK hahaa
 end up like this whoa ! sedap hahah

btw , we snap a lot of pictures haha

 after kenyang , we go shopping ! the best thing to do for me . haha 
then we lepaking at BB starbucks ohh heaven
and moree picture ,

then we go to ps2 station to buy some new games
btw i'm a ps2 girl hahah . we have to wait 20 min so that the tauke can take my cd .
 its 8.00pm already ! omg we late for movie ! then we run as fast as we can
and than sampai ! haha sempat beli popcorn lagi .
then the movie is just started ! omg what a relief 
btw , i hope i can find a vampire boyfriend like EDWARD CULLEN
or a warewolf like JACOB BLACK hahaha

the heaven for my kind (games girl) hahah
fyi 3 out of 5 new games that i just buy dah complete ! it take 2 days to finish the game ! haha

after  the movie over , its 10.30pm laa . haha then balikk rumah lah .
okay anna its not good thing for a girl like u balik malam malam . hahah

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