Monday, March 25, 2013

ohh my result SPM

okayyy i'm ready ! 
for 2 years i battle myself with the 9 subject that is
so obviously i from science stream , and people say it suck ,
for me yeaaah it suckk mula mula la, then u get use to it ,
but i paling suka biology , seriously sangat suka ,
interesting sangat , and paling bukan tak suka but not my type is add math !
hahahha . pernah sekali je lulus okay malu gilee , hahah 
lebih kurang mcm ni la hahahahah ,,,
then bile cuti balik rumah and nak start study mcm ni pulak

well i think semua budak hostel mcm tu kann hahahah ,
so when spm is just around the corner i struggle sangat2
tidur pukul 2 to 3 to 4 am ,
bangun around 5.30 and i hv my panda eyes ,
hahah , but it was worth it ,
so when the result keluar on 21st march , i mcm mayat hidup dtng sekolah hahah
 muke seronok nabila

so this is what i get
1A+ , 3A , 2A- and 3B+ 
alhamdulillah takde c or d or worse fail hahah ,
tp yaa i mengalami depression for 3 days tak selera makan ,
tak keluar bilik just crying crying because my biology B , 
so takdpt nk smbung medic , trial dpt A spm dpt B+ ,
takde rezeki , but yg terkejutnya my addmth dpt B+ hahh
tp nak jugak straight A's ,
but bukan rezeki lg .
but this is not the end !
fighttttt anna fight !

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